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The Practice

Deepen the connection with yourself

In the Vinyasa sequences I put together, I place great importance on a gradual development. Throughout the flow, the body progressively opens by the constant movement, becomes longer and stronger, offering us to deepen the connection with our bodies. 

In my teaching, I focus on connecting breath and movement and on the combination of lengthening and strengthening the body. I encourage practitioners to leave their comfort zone and make the unknown more familiar, whilst tuning into their physical sensations and letting these be their guides.  

The way I view it - a yoga practice is a reflection of ourselves, and every practice is an invitation to observe. As my beloved Yoga teacher said, the yoga practice invites us to connect with our own feelings, not to necessarily feel better, but to become better at feeling.

For studio sessions with me - join me at Yoga Flame, Deva Yoga

For private/ semi-private tailor made, at your place (home or office) or at mine - let's connect. 

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